The creations of organic sculpture are the imitations of nature conveying the current sacral and intellectual timelessness and eternality. Attila Rajcsók’s art––thanks to his age––is already a twenty-first-century manifestation of this form of expression and creative intention.

His discussions and creative cooperation with his master, university professor Péter Gálhidy, were a fertile soil at the roots of his currently evolving oeuvre. During his studies he created plastic art evoking biomorphic and stylized birds as well as anthropomorphic forms, and at the same time he was seeking the ways to reduce the visual impact of gravity when installing his works.

As a result, he eliminated the pedestal from underneath his sculptures. He did not leave his own art or material expression to chance either: he made experiments on a variety of technical methods of creation, such as carving, moulding, casting and welding, until the Kecskemét KÉSZ steel sculpture symposium where he found his most suitable method of self-expression: constructing.

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