Time Twine

In The Focus

“Giant Ammonitas” by Attila Rajcsók is the biggest sized artwork designed by the sculptor. It’s title is referring to a group of extinted animals, which had a specific structure of skeleton. But the sculpture by Attila Rajcsók is much more, than reconstructing the geometry of these fossils. The huge size of “Giant Ammonitas” gives an opportunity to a detailed observation of the living dinamic, which is created by the inseperable form and material. The raw, layered steel follow eachother in spiral, creating the inner logic of the artwork. Because of the size this can’t be seen in the whole, so the sculpture is inspiring us, to take on the artwork’s spatial rhythm. We are forced to submit ourselves to the organization of space, made by the sculpture. But accepting this coercive force does not solve the tension from the recognition, that “Giant Ammonitas” is an unbreakable skeleton of the dark, mysterious inner space we haven’t access to…