Time Twine

Time Capsule

„Time Capsule” by Attila Rajcsók was exhibited in Paris for the first time, and it continues the form world of the artist’s eariler works. For Rajcsók it is very important to demolish, rebuild and interpret the organic forms on the base of the elements of nature. That way the artist and the viewer also have the possibility to look into the inner structure of natural harmony. „Time Capsule” is following this disciple, but despite recreating nature, abstraction is in the foreground, making the artwork futuristic, alienated from real space and time. Its unique structure is due to streaking of the steel straps, because while the sculpture is in course of construction, the inchoate form is transforming, which is terminating with the loop-like connection of the straps. Though the scuplture is terminated only in a material meaning. The artwork by Attila Rajcsók has on one hand an exciting, open inner space. The outside sterile, raw steel gets here the colour of red, which results some kind of an inner ignition, an almost touchable tension, as if the scuplure could turn outside itself in any moment. On the other hand, it is an open arwork, because it is using the viewer’s fantasy, motivatates them to move and shape the sculpture. This sense is only amplified by the position of the artwork. It is almost levitating, barely touching the postament, seems like the temporary balance could capsize anytime. But all this quasi-eventuality is the part of a well planned conception. „Time Capsule” has an incerdible space oranizing power, but the real professional success, is that Attila Rajcsók is building into the constuction all the invisible forms and spaces, which are brought to life by the power of mind.

Zsófi Máté